Clayton Peterson

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Selected papers

Peterson, C. (2018). Methodological empiricism and the choice of measurement models in social sciences, European Journal for Philosophy of Science, 8(3): 831-854.
Peterson, C. (2018). Accommodation, prediction and replication: Model selection in scale construction, Synthese.
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Peterson, C. and Kulicki, P. (2016) Conditional normative reasoning with substructural logics: New paradoxes and De Morgan's dualities. In Deontic Logic and Normative Systems, O. Roy, A. Tamminga and M. Willer (eds), College Publications, p. 220-236.

Peterson, C. (2015). Conditional reasoning with string diagrams. South American Journal of Logic, 1(2): 401-434.
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Peterson, C. and Marquis, J.-P. (2012) A note on Forrester's paradox, The Polish Journal of Philosophy, 6(2): 53-70.